11-6-1.      Nuisance Weeds.

  • General growth of grass or weeds in excess of 12 inches and any growth of the following particular weeds are deemed to be a nuisance:

Canada Thistle;
Musk Thistle;
Scotch Thistle;
Plumeless Thistle;
Leafy Spurge;
Hoary Cress (White Top);
Perennial Pepperweed (Giant White Top);
Russian Knapweed;
Quack Grass;
Field Bindweed;
Dalmation Toadflax;
Yellow Toadflax;
Skeletonleaf Bursage;
Common Burdock;
Ox-Eye Daisy;
Perennial Sow Thistle;

(b)  Upon determining that such a nuisance exists, the weed and pest supervisor, or the city inspector or their designated agent shall notify the owner(s) of the affected property by written notice to the owner(s)’s most recent address as shown on the records of the County Assessor, specifying the areas to be cut or the weeds to be removed.  The owner(s) shall thereupon correct the condition of the premises within ten days of such notice.

(c)  If the owner(s) fails to correct the condition within ten days of notice, the City may proceed to correct the condition, and the owner(s) of the premises shall be liable for the expenses so incurred, which shall be a lien against such property, in addition to the penalty provided by this Title.

(d)  If such expenses are not paid by the owner(s) within 30 days of the date that a notice specifying the amount and reason for the assessment is mailed to the owner(s), at his most recent address as shown on the records of the County Assessor, the amount the owner(s) shall draw interest at 12% per annum, and the recordation of such notice shall be a lien on such property which may be foreclosed in the same manner and subject to the same periods of redemption as for collection of delinquent property taxes.  Such expenses, together with interest and costs of collection, including a reasonable attorney fee, may also be collected by civil action filed in the name of the City against the property owner(s).

  • The growth of any state designated noxious weeds within the city limits will not be allowed. An effort must be made by the property owner(s) to control any designated noxious weeds.  Mechanical, chemical or biological controls, as determined by the industry standard, maybe used to control noxious weeds. (Section 11-6-1 amended by Ordinance 1066 effective 7/22/03)

11-6-2.  Owner or Occupant to Remove Weeds and Maintain Grass.

  1. a) It shall be the duty of every owner(s) or occupant and agent of any owner(s) or occupant of any lot or parcel of land not found to be classified as an agricultural or natural area and is part of a subdivision in the City of Lander, to keep the alleyways abutting the lot or parcel, and the sidewalk area in front thereof or if no sidewalk is present the area between the lot or parcel and the curb, reasonably free and clear from weeds, grass clippings, limbs and waste as that term is defined in Section 11-2-1 of the Lander Municipal Code, and to keep any grass area trimmed in a reasonable manner. Xeriscaping or natural landscaping will be allowed so long as they are well maintained and well kept.
  1. b) Upon determination by the weed and pest supervisor or the city inspector or their designated agent that the provisions of section (a) hereof have not been complied with, the provisions, procedures and remedies as are contained in Municipal Code Section 11-6-1(b) through 11-6-1(d) shall be followed and be applicable to this section. (Amended by Ordinance 868 effective 11-12-91)
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